Inside Coca-Cola

I read this book thinking it would be a learning experience. Reading provides a way to know an author. This is a book written as a tribute to a life’s ambition, and also, it is a work providing world’s history through the eyes of an American icon, as led by one man.

CEO. It’s not a word, it’s a position within a company, and it can mean many things to many people. This culture in America tends to trivialize words, especially those which can be translated or understood in differing ways. CEO, surprisingly, is not one our culture allows to be ‘used,’ effectively creating a realm or figurehead for a company’s guidance. It is a company’s corporate seat of authority. This position is an establishment for a term and gives guidance according to the dictates and philosophies of the one individual at this one point in time.

Neville Isdell, the author, is the Irish-born Rugby enthusiast, and the professional realist. Though empathetic to the plight of the socially indifferent, he sees beyond local issues, creating worlds of hope and encouragement through peaceful work environments for those under his authority, and with a no-nonsense approach to consolidation of bottling services and corporate finance, he guides by example.

« When God created the world, he created Coke number one and Pepsi number two, » and God proclaims destiny.

The author’s stories are broad in scope. Taking lessons away from every encounter, he leaves his career and the details to destiny and divine inspiration. Throughout his career as told through these relationship encounters, he steps into every challenge he is asked to acknowledge. His philosophy seeming to be « who better to take this on » and knowing that others saw his potential, progress was instigated through request, « other people saw more in me than I saw in myself. » Every story, every encounter, becomes a life lesson, « never be frightened by conflict, » and in the hope that one should attempt peaceful reconciliation, « find a good, honest solution that is pragmatic, not bullheaded. » He tells his tales with conviction and inherent pride.

I read this book thinking it would be a learning experience. It was epic.


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